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Steve Paulson, ER North

Steve Paulson

Owner | Principal
(952) 239-7366

Jerry Lindholm. Principal ER North Manufactures Reps

Jerry Lindholm

Owner | Principal
(952) 239-7525

In the end, “results” say the most about your effectiveness. It is also important to meet the expectations of our customers and be relentless in chasing opportunities for the companies we represent. I have met some of my closest and life-long friends in our business…Some of those have been people we call on, and others have been people we report to, (that is saying something because those folks are hard to please!). My hope is that everything we do works toward building respect from every last person in our business, including our competitors.


~ Steve Paulson

We really need to be blood-hounds in our business because unfortunately, our successes are rarely ever dropped in our laps. We find it important to emphasize the amount of attention we are providing to our biggest customers to keep them coming back, yet be relentless in staying in front of those people we connected with (for whatever reason). Doing a little more preparation to understand the details of wares saves valuable time for our clients.


~ Jerry Lindholm